Words to remember for Leaders

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During complex times keeping things simple and focused on the right work is most important. This is easier said than done.  There is no easy way, no secret but simply a focus and intentional efforts to stay true to your core beliefs.  How this is achieved may vary from one leader to another, but I have found that keeping in mind simple but powerful statements, quotes  and ideas resonate with me.  I think it is because they stir up emotion. Emotion drives my passion and keeps me humble to recognize I can always get better and hungry to learn.  Here are my perspective on Words to remember for Leaders and the key areas of leadership they represent.


  • Be the thermostat not the thermometer
  • It’s people, not programs, that make school great
  • “Confidence” is the most powerful thing a principal can give a teacher and a teacher can give a student
  • Shout praise, whisper criticism

Working with others

  • Better to Under promise and then over deliver
  • Raise the praise – minimize the criticize
  • 1 person cannot make a team, but 1 person can break a team
  • The conversation is the relationship

Leadership Growth

  • Don’t focus on change as much as you focus on growth
  • Leadership isn’t about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge – Simon Sinek
  • Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts – Einstein
  • You don’t have to be great to serve others, but you do have to serve others to be great
  • We shouldn’t expect kids to learn the way we teach, we should strive to teach the way they learn – David Geurin
  • Go slow to go fast
  • The difference between today and tomorrow is us
  • Never lose sense of passion, purpose or pride
  • Leaders train people well enough so they can leave but leaders treat them well so they don’t want to – Richard Branson

Core Beliefs

  • Be firm with your principles but flexible with your practices – David Geurin
  • You can never go wrong by doing the right thing – Mark Twain 
  • Educators are not in it for the income, they are in it for the outcome 
  • Lead from your feet, not your seat

This year is unlike no other due to so many external factors and the constant unknowns. How leaders maximize positive momentum for their work and their teams is through consistency and a focus.  True leadership occurs by intentional efforts when you work extremely hard to improve your own leadership.  I encourage all leaders to reflect upon your past experiences or failures as you strive for greater growth. I am curious what statements or ideas resonate with you and help you to stay focused with intentional efforts.  This will allow you to focus on spending the right efforts towards the important work of leading others. It is never too late to change or adapt to create something better. We owe that to our students and staff that we serve. Comment below or reach out to me at leadlearnerperspectives@gmail.com








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A Husband, Father and Principal with a focus on learning, leading and connecting with others.

An educator for 25 years with 14 of those being a building administrator. I have found that the more I learn form others and their experiences it helps me grow and learn as well. I hope you join our journey as we create learning environments for students and staff that create future success.

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